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Knorre Insurance Services MEDICARE SUPPLEMENTS

Medicare is complicated and can seem overwhelming. It can be broken down into four components–


Your Original Medicare coverage consists of Part A and Part B. These are provided to you by the Federal Government and will cover 80% of claims incurred. You’re automatically enrolled in Part A if you have been working and have paid towards it throughout your career. To obtain Part B please contact the Social Security office (800-772-1213).


The remaining 20% of your claims can be covered by obtaining a Supplement (these plans that are in addition to Original Medicare and aren’t subsidized by the Government) or Medicare Advantage plan (private coverage from an insurance company which replaces Original Medicare).  


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Also for a more extensive explanation about enrolling in Medicare please click on the following link:



Part A – Hospital

Part B – Doctor

Part C – Medicare Advantage

Part D – Prescription Drugs